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Email Marketing

There's power in owning your list! Stop being at the mercy of the big platforms and communicate with your audience directly. Email is still the number one way to stay top of mind and guide your customer from prospect to conversion.

Let's work together to put a solid strategy in place and start those conversations.

Nurture Campaign

Beginning with a solid strategy and building momentum with fresh emails and engagement, consistently nurturing your connections is the best way to lead them on their buying journey.

  Campaign Strategy
  Email Copywriting
  Image Sourcing
  List Management
  Analytics & Tracking
  Recommendations & Optimization
  2, 4 or 8 emails monthly


From $500 monthly

Drip Campaign

Let's get targeted. A multi email sequence can lead the customer down the path of decision making as they engage with your brand.

  Campaign Strategy
  Multi Email Sequence of 4
  Email Creation
  Call to Action with Tracking
  Image Sourcing
  Automation Set Up
  Landing Page Optimization


Starting at $750

Email Marketing Launch

Get started by building out a robust system to manage your list and track your conversions. A uniquely branded email template will then serve as a basis for all your future blasts while targeted sign up forms on your website will get the list growing.

  Email List Configuration
  Email Template Design
  Conversion Tracking Configuration
  Opt In Forms


$500 one time set up

Not sure where to start?

Schedule a FREE consult to discuss the best path for you.

Additional Add Ons

Landing Page

  High Converting Layout

  Written using the StoryBrand framework

  Custom Page Design and Buildout

  Tracking for Call to Actions


Lead Generator

  Unique Content Creation

  High Converting Titles and Headings

  Custom Design of Promotional PDF

  Set Up Automated Email


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