Improve Your Site with Web Forms

Improve your website with forms and make a digital marketing plan

No matter your business, you need to communicate with customers. Outside of the usual phone calls and emails, website forms are an easy way to connect with clients, collect lead information, and manage data.

Embedded right into your website, web forms vary in length, format, and functionality, with endless customizations to fit your business needs. Below, let’s check out several types of forms you can add to your website for a better user experience.

7 Forms to Include on Your Website

1. Contact

A contact form is exactly what it sounds like – a way for people to get in contact with you. These forms are usually simple, including just the visitor’s name, email address and message, with the message sent directly to the website owner or a specific person at your company.

2. Signup

If you want to build a client list, a signup form is a great place to start.  Often called an opt-in form, signups allow your visitors to subscribe to your email distribution list to receive newsletters, general communications, or exclusive content from your organization. Like the contact form, signup forms are straightforward, asking for just the user’s name and email address.

3. Registration

For websites containing private information or exclusive content only available to members, a registration form will allow users to create an account on your website. Registration forms include general information like name and email address, as well as password and company-specific information.

4. Order

If you want visitors to make purchases from your website but don’t want to setup on an online store, an order form is the way to go. These forms can be as simple or robust as you need them to be, with product options, billing information, shipping address and more.

5. Customer Support

Providing a customer service form on your website gives users a way to contact your business with their various support needs. Customer support forms can link to a ticket platform for easy tracking, or be sent directly to your internal support team via email.

6. Callback

Encourage potential customers to book a call to learn more about your products or services with a callback form. These forms allow visitors to request a callback and provide their contact information, or pick a date and time to meet with you.

7. Reviews

Review forms give business owners a chance to hear directly from happy customers, or quickly correct any issues from unhappy ones. They typically include fields for a customer’s purchase information, comments, and ratings.

Let’s Improve Your Site with Web Forms!

Website forms help improve the overall user experience for your customers, while helping you collect client information efficiently. They can help you track leads, communicate directly with clients, and improve your business processes.

Let us show you how web forms can improve your website and help your business grow! Contact us today to get started,

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