The Value of Human Connection in the Virtual World

The Value of Human Connection in the Digital Marketing and Web Design World

As we all know, the last several years have changed the way we gather and connect with others. For those of us that do the majority of our work in the virtual world, we are often found working in solitude, remotely away from our team communicating primarily via Slack, Zoom, email, and an occasional phone call.

In-person events and meetings have been slow to return, while our virtual workplace continues to adapt to this “new norm.” It wasn’t until this past year that restrictions began lifting and the ability to see and connect with each other started to resume. 

Recently, we were able to gather with some of our people in San Diego for WordCamp US 2022. It was a time of really good connection with people and a renewed passion for what we’re doing. 

Simply put, it was great to be together again. 

We know we aren’t the only ones that are happy to connect in person again. Our friends over at Post Status share mutual feelings about the value of community and how it inspires, recharges, and refreshes us. 

You can check out their article here:

If you work virtually, be sure to make an effort to connect with your people again. We are so excited about the fresh perspective and great things to come in the future!

Want to connect with us? We would love to hear from you!

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