The History of Digital Marketing

history of Digital Marketing and website design in Jacksonville, FL

Ever wonder how we got to where we are today with digital marketing? Terms like SEO, E-commerce, PPC, and content marketing didn’t even exist years ago!

But where did these marketing techniques come from? And how did we get to where we are today?

Whether you are new to digital marketing, a seasoned pro, or just trying to brush up on your marketing skills, it is important to take a look at the history of digital marketing to better understand where it came from, as well as understand how to best stay on top of upcoming trends.

How Did We Get Here?

It was in 1990 when the term “Digital Marketing” was first used. Prior to that, a series of marketing techniques like radio advertisements, television commercials, telemarketing and other methods were used over the years as marketing efforts continued to grow and develop.

Fast forward to present day and the progression of technology, the ability we have to connect with people all over the world has significantly changed the way we do marketing today.

It’s hard to believe that it was just in 2008 when the first purchase was made from a mobile phone. Now as consumers, we have mobile phones at our finger tips and it has easily become the norm to conveniently purchase items from our phones on a regular basis.

Now with the evolution of artificial intelligence and the ability to personalize the customer experience, it is hard to even imagine where we might be 20 years from now.

Timelines of Digital Marketing

To gain a better understanding of the history behind digital marketing, here are some interesting articles with infographics that help bring a better understanding of the marketing progression over the years that may also give us insight into where we might be heading.

Planning Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Building trust and focusing on customer retention will always be one of the best ways to genuinely grow your business, as caring for your clients should always be at the heart of what you do. But in this day and time if you aren’t applying at least some of the basic forms of digital marketing to your business, you might be missing out on some great opportunities to connect with potential customers.

And the truth is, if you aren’t staying up to date with your digital marketing strategy, you will soon be left behind. This is why it is so important to understand where we are on the marketing timeline and be mindful of the ever changing marketing shifts, so we can proactively be prepared and informed to make the best decisions with ongoing marketing efforts.

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