Increase Time Users Spend on Your Website

Increase time users spend on your website and make a plan for digital marketing Jacksonville, FL

How long are visitors staying on your website?

When a user visits your site, your window of opportunity to catch their attention is quite small. If they don’t find the answer they’re looking for within the first few seconds on your page, they will return to the search results and move on to the next website – and you’ve lost a customer.

Getting visitors to spend more time on your website is one the easiest ways to improve lead generation and make more sales. Afterall, you can’t sell anything to someone who sticks around for only a few seconds.

Try these tips to increase time spent on your website.

Make it obvious.

If someone reaches your website from a search engine result, they are looking for an answer. When designing your web pages, put the most important information at the top of the page where it’s visible without scrolling down; think “above the fold” in newspaper terms. Providing answers in an obvious, easy-to-find location shows users they have found the right place to get help and answers, ensuring they’ll stay on your website.

Use media.

Unless your website features academic articles, it’s unlikely your visitors want to read long blocks of copy. Not only do images, videos, and infographics help to break up text and keep visitors engaged, but they also add context and provide credibility as you demonstrate your product. Make sure your media is high-quality, relevant, and adds value to the overall user experience.

Connect the dots.

There’s a good chance that the products or services on your website are related to each other. Use internal linking, or links from one page on your site to another, to help users find related content on you website. This could be similar products, blog posts, testimonials, and videos – anything that helps your customer connect the dots to additional relevant content they might be interested in.

Be direct.

If you want your reader to engage with your content, you need to talk to them. Imagine you are having a conversation with a potential customer, and then write your website content accordingly. Unless you are writing for the “About” page, limit your use of “I” and “we” and instead use “you” to speak directly to your reader. Using “you” helps users picture themselves in the text, pulling them into the story and making it more relevant.

Get relatable.

Customers want connection and solutions. Show your readers how your business understands and relates to the problem they are experiencing, and how you can solve that problem. You do this by answering their questions, either in product descriptions or FAQs, sharing personal anecdotes, or posting customer testimonials. When you’re relatable, users will feel a connection to your company and products, increasing their time on your site.

More time on site = more conversions. 

By increasing the time visitors spend on your website, you can improve engagement rates, provide a better user experience, and ultimately win more customers. 

At Open Sky, we love helping clients build engaging, relatable websites that tell their story. We have a plan to build clean, effective sites every time, leaving you confident and ready to grow. 

Ready to chat more about the possibilities? Let’s talk! We offer a FREE 15 minute, no-strings-attached consultation.

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