How Great Copy Makes Great Websites

Great Copy Makes Great Websites - Things to consider for website design Jacksonville FL

Your website is nothing without copy, or the actual words on your site. Copy isn’t limited to blogs or articles; headings, team bios, product descriptions and even calls to action are all considered website copy.

It might be tempting to throw some words on our website and call it good, but well-written, intentional copy can make or break your website and business. Great copy has the power to connect and convert, turning curious website visitors into confident customers.

Here are five ways copy can improve your website.

1. Great copy engages readers.

Once you’ve attracted visitors to your website, you need to keep them there. Great copy will lengthen the time someone stays on your site, effortlessly engaging them and encouraging them to read more about your offerings.

Employ copy that is energetic, actionable, and relatable, positioning your brand as professional but human. Capturing and maintaining a potential customer’s attention is crucial to the success of your business – they won’t buy your product if they don’t stay long enough to realize they need it.

2. Great copy builds trust.

Customers purchase from and return to brands they can trust. Great copy can build trust and nurture relationships with potential customers, establishing your business as a reliable and trustworthy choice.

Use great copy to tell your story about how and why you started your business, identifying with your target audience’s needs and struggles. Share tips and best practices to establish yourself as an industry expert. Be transparent in product descriptions, even the limitations. Once a potential customer trusts you, it’s more likely they will make a purchase from your company.

3. Great copy communicates value.

Have you ever visited a website, but can’t figure out what they are trying to sell you? Effective copy doesn’t just draw customers to your site, but it also clearly informs them what products or services your business offers.

Clean, transparent copy helps customers instantly understand the value you provide in words they recognize, using minimal industry jargon and acronyms. Once a customer understands how valuable your product or service is, they are more likely to make a purchase.

4. Great copy converts visitors.

After you have connected with your potential customers, well-written copy leads to sales. Using persuasive language, your copy is ultimately asking customers to take action, turning a website visitor into a customer.

Your call to action doesn’t always have to be a purchase. It can ask visitors to become a subscriber, join your email list, or book a consultation. No matter the goal of your website, persuasive copy works to narrow the focus of your website and make it clear how you want the potential client to respond.

5. Great copy boosts rankings.

If you want your business ranking at the top of a Google search, well-written copy can help. In many cases, well-written and keyword-rich copy can improve search engine rankings of your website, making it more visible to potential customers.

Good copy strategically inserts words and phrases, called keywords, throughout your website that your visitors are searching for. Keywords should be used intentionally and carefully; too many keywords make your website sound robotic, while too few will hurt your search rankings.

Enhance your website with great copy.

Whether you have a brand new or existing website, great copy can improve your site, enhance your overall user experience, and ultimately lead to more sales.

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